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Goal: Reduce body fat %

Outcomes: Reduced body fat % by ~6.5% and increased lean muscle mass slightly to a total body weight of 74.2kg.

How: Focused on consistently training 5 days a week whilst in a slight calorie deficit using MyFitnessPal to keep accountable to.

Joe (6-Week Transformation)


Goal: To lose weight and feel more confident

Outcome: Lost 6kg and 10 inches overall!

How: Followed customised workouts specific to losing weight and used the equipment to hand at home. Followed a macronutrient guide and was accountable to NWTZ coach (Joe).

'I have loved working with NWTZ on my weight loss journey, I would definitely recommend their services to anyone looking to lose weight and have a bit more structure to their fitness lifestyle'.

Shannon (6-Week Transformation)

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Goal: Increase upper body strength and muscle mass. Develop power of the lower limbs to improve football performance (semi-professional footballer).

Outcome: Increased body weight by 1.5kg and increased his muscle mass. Huge strength improvements across a variety of exercises.

How: Followed an intense training plan (6 days a week), and focused on eating in a slight calorie deficit with a high protein intake to increase his lean muscle mass.

'Not only was this a training plan but also an opportunity to educate myself around nutrition and training for performance improvements in football. I would definitely recommend NWTZ for anyone looking to improve their physical or mental state'.

Ben (4-Week Transformation)

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Goal: To lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

Outcome: Lost 9.2kg in body weight and 54cm across 5 sites in 8 weeks. Now lives a much healthier lifestyle with a focus on being active and eating  sustainable diet. 

How: Followed a training plan based around full body home workouts using no equipment. Focused on hitting 10k steps each day and eating in a slight calorie deficit (but could still enjoy a drink at weekends)!

'The plan was very easy to stick to, whilst still aching... in a good way. I would never go anywhere else for personal training. The encouragement and support is insane and kept me motivated. I feel so much better in myself already!'

Lauren (8-Week Transformation)


Goal: Reduce body fat % and 'tone up'.

Outcomes: Achieved a 6kg drop in body weight and a 7% reduction in body fat%!

How: Focused on being consistent with his nutrition using a diet that was sustainable for him instead of yo-yoing on strict diets and making no progress.

Levi (10-Week Transformation)

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Goal: Lose 4kg and become healthier (CV fitness and nutritional choices)

Outcome: Lost 6kg, lives a much more active and healthy lifestyle, feels more positive mentally and is physically confident.

How: Followed a home workout plan using resistance bands and started tracking his food on MyFitnessPal to learn about food values and become more educated. 

'I feel so much more confident in my body and never thought I would actually enjoy working out. NWTZ coach (Levi) helped me stay focused on achieving my goals and was always on hand if I had any queries'.

Rob (6-Week Transformation)

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Goal: Weight loss but overall just feel better about herself

Outcome: Lost 7.5kg, lives a much more active and healthy lifestyle, will take what she's learnt and continue her weight loss journey.

How: Followed a home workout plan using resistance bands and started tracking his food on MyFitnessPal to learn about food values and become more educated. 

'... I actually started to enjoy my workouts, which I never thought would come out of my mouth. After 8-weeks I lost over 7.5kg! I am so happy with the results I saw over the last 8-weeks and I'm going to continue with everything Joe has taught me to find a better version of myself!'

Ali (8-Week Transformation)

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Goal: Tone Up, improve eating habits.

Outcome: Lost 5.1kg in 4-weeks! Improved strength measures.

How: Introduced more resistance based training sessions to her weekly routine, learnt about healthy eating habits, importance of each macronutrient and calorie balance. 

'... after slobbing around throughout lockdown and lacking motivation this turned out to be be the boost I really needed! I've managed to lose 5kg within 4-weeks, while still enjoying my food and not feeling hungry. I've enjoyed the training sessions and feel like I have so much more energy!'

Chloe (4-Week Transformation)

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Goal: To lose weight.

Outcome: Lost a total of 5kg and visibly increased muscle mass over the 4 weeks. After experiencing this first hand, Josh now understands the positive impact that exercise and eating a variety of foods has on mental well being. 

How: Completed 4 weight training sessions each week at home using dumbbells, which was scheduled around his busy lifestyle. In addition, we focused on reducing his calorie intake by planning his meals and tracking his diet as we identified Josh's lack of preparation was his downfall when it came down to eating.

'I was hoping to just shed some pounds and ended up changing my body shape altogether. I couldn't recommend these guys enough, 5 stars all round!'

Josh (4-Week Transformation)